Arshan – The Place of Strength and Health

Everyone, who has ever visited this sacred place, is willing to return here again to feel the grandeur and splendor of the mountains, to hear the music of alive waters, to taste healing mineral springs that are most difficult to reach in our planet. Great number of legends were created around them! Here miracles happen and dreams come true. People leave this place reborn. Despair turns into rejoice and delight, sufferings into gratitude to heavens. Sick gets cured and barren ones get the opportunity to have children and continue their family blood line.

Arshan gives health not only to a body but also recovery to a soul. Fresh mountain air, alpine landscapes and fabulous views, ringing silence and fragrance of forest herbs help travelers to get in touch with Eternity, rehabilitate and acquire new strengths. People from all over the planet travel on foot, ride on horses and fly to this wonderful realm full of unique vibrant energy of lost untouched Nature.

Hidden high between gorges and blue waterfalls, it is called as “Small Tibet”.  Here the atmosphere is exceptionally friendly and kind. People are careful to each other, always ready to give a helpful hand. You should not utter a single rude word when you are in this holy paradise in the sky.

Keep this place in its absolute purity!


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