Biggest art on lake Baikal. Welcome to Irkutsk.

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A virtual tour to Irkutsk

Because travelling in the world has stopped Irkutsk Free Tour cannot stop working. Please take a look at the first virtual tour to Irkutsk. It is a random photo slideshow with comments from a local guide.


Souvenirs 10% OFF Coupon

One of the oldest souvenir shops in Irkutsk located on the road cross of Lenin and Karl Marx street offers 10% off for the visitors of our website. Khudozhnik shop, which means ‘artist’ in English. They have a great variety and prices, Russian and Siberian souvenirs, and the most welcoming sales staff even though they … Continue reading Souvenirs 10% OFF Coupon


Lake Baikal Dog Sledding

The season of dogsledding in Irkutsk and Lake Baikal has started, so welcome to experience this exciting activity. We offer private and group trips to dogsledding locations. The prices start from 1800 RUB per person for a 10-minute ride. There are 3 main locations, later we will create a special page for that. But if … Continue reading Lake Baikal Dog Sledding


Why travel to Irkutsk?

First People care about how the city looks and feels. It is really one of the most beautiful cities in Russia. Maybe because it is a well-traveled location for the last 100 years since Transsiberian Railroad was finished. Even before it had more attention from the government, church, and people because everybody understood that this … Continue reading Why travel to Irkutsk?


Best Train Food Ever

Tasty, healthy and super easy to prepare. Get it as soon as you reach Irkutsk city. Great for all kinds of travel. Fall in love with your Trans-Siberian Train even more. The following information significantly improves the quality of your train travel and other trips in Russia, Mongolia, and China. Made in Irkutsk, here space … Continue reading Best Train Food Ever


Shamanka Hike

3-hour hike in 1-hour drive from Irkutsk. Totally the trip takes 6 hours, from downtown of Irkutsk and back. Map of the location Shamanka settlement Photos along the trip


Digitally-guided Irkutsk

During these days everybody has a powerful tool in their hand. And it comes in very handy when you travel. How can you travel without it now? Now its the new level. We have apps which become guides to the cities we visit. And this is great! All these products are still kind of raw, … Continue reading Digitally-guided Irkutsk


Omul fish

Omul is the type of fish that lives in Lake Baikal. It is an endemic species. And this is the most popular and the tastiest fish from the Lake. On this image, you see the grilled Omul. A very fast and delicious way to cook fish from Lake Baikal.


Russian Spicy Mustard

There is not much spicy food in Russia. Usually, people just add fresh garlic or onions to their meals. But be careful, homemade spicy mustard is as spicy as Japanese wasabi. Usually spicy mustard is served as a sauce for lard or meat jelly. Some people who like a lot of spicy put mustard on … Continue reading Russian Spicy Mustard


Taxi in Russia

How to use taxi services in Russia? Is there Uber in Russia? There is a very simple solution. Using the application on your smartphone you can easily call for a taxi in almost every city in Russia. It is very similar to Uber, it is called Yandex Taxi. Application is available for Android and iOS. … Continue reading Taxi in Russia