Dog Sledding Adventure

Pick up in Irkutsk and about 1 hour trip through the city to the south, exit to Kultuk highway and the very next Smolenshina settlement, where Mamay Husky Dog sledding camp is located. It is a cool place on the island in the middle of the Irkut river. Dogs are very friendly. Mongolian yurts to get warm and have a cup of hot tea.



Availability: on request every day
Start time: AM 10.00 / PM 2:00
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: < 3 hours
Driving Distance: < 30 kilometers ( < 20 miles)
Language: English


AM 10:00 / PM 2:00
Pickup from the traveler’s location in Irkutsk. Drive to the southern exit from the city.

AM 11:00 / PM 3:00
Reach the dog sledding camp location on the island of the Irkut river. Take a ride. Look around and warm up in the Mongolian-style yurt. A little excursion around the camp.

PM 1:00 / PM 5:00
Return to Irkutsk city, drop off at the traveler’s location.

Road to the location

Winter husky camp is located on the island in the Irkut river. About 15 kilometers one way from Irkutsk city center.


  • English speaking guide/driver
  • Pick up and drop off at traveler’s location in Irkutsk
  • Private car or van
  • Fuel charge
  • 10-minute dog sledding ride
  • Warm-up in the Mongolian yurt
  • Hot tea and candy


  • 2-3 hours dog sledding trip in nature
  • Snowmobile rent


Booking is free, no card needed