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  1. Very nice moment in the center of Irkoutsk. Natalia showed us the main places of the historical city, gave explanations and told many interesting little anecdots. But she also told about the today life of people from Irkoutsk and Russian in general. We drank a delicious kvas together. I recommanded !
    (In french)
    Très bon moment dans le centre d’Irkoutsk. Natalia nous a montré les lieux principaux de la ville historique, donné des explications et raconté beaucoup de petites anecdotes très intéressantes. Mais elle nous a aussi parlé de la vie actuelle des gens d’Irkoutsk et des Russes en général. Nous avons bu ensemble un délicieux kvas. Je recommande !

    Thank you again and good luck for this very nice activity !

  2. Thanks to our guide Natasha, who was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. The route of the tour was well planned, we were able to understand the history and background behind every landmarks and building we pass by. Natasha was also very helpful in suggesting us local restaurant and other informations we asked about the city. Overall, it is very worth it! Highly recommend for everyone !

  3. Dimitry and Natasha’s walking tour was high quality. I was able to see overview of the city. I highly recommend. Well organized, well planned. Any questions will be answered properly. Dimitry and Natasha are open-minded. Not only about the city, you can talk about anything happening in life during the tour. Thank you so much for the tour!!

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