Good to know

Pocket money

  1. Bus, tram and trolley around town is 15 rubles one way per person. ≈0.25 USD Transportation works until not too late. Its hard to get on public transportation after 9.00 PM
  2. Taxi costs 150 rubles minimum (≈3 USD).
  3. Regular meal at a bar or cafe is about 200-300 rubles per person. ≈4-5 USD
  4. Regular snack that you can get at any shop is about 100-150 rubles. ≈3 USD

Helpful stuff

  1. Many cafes and bars have free Wi-Fi ask waiter before ordering.
  2. Pick up free maps of the city center. They are usually at the hostels and information centers. Also use google maps on your devices.


  1. Its Ok to refuse an alcohol drink, even if the offering is very strong.
  2. Many young people can speak little English on the street, this might be helpful.
  3. It may seem that Russian people are rude — it is not true.