This project started as a one-man company. And now, after 3 years of work, it has accumulated the whole team of guides. Irkutsk Free Tour is proud of every member.


It used to be a lifetime hobby that became a profession to guide travelers from all over the world in their discovery of Irkutsk city and Lake Baikal. Working with travlers and foreign enthusiasts was the best lifetime experience.


Hello! My name is Mikhail and I am proud to call myself – Siberian. I have two hobbies: history and traveling, as you can get – guidance is a best way to connect this activities and share my knowledge and experience of being a Siberian. I love to tell stories and answer on your questions. Best traveler for me is the one who asks a lot. I have a lot of interesting stuff to share with you, so, see you in Irkutsk Free Tour or on our tours to lake Baikal.


I am very interested in history of our region and Baikal. Also I work as a translator for The Great Baikal Trail which is a Russian non-profit environmental organization promoting the development of ecotourism, voluntary work, and ecological education.


Multiinstrumentalist and a singer. He connects to the art and musical part of Irkutsk. Denis can show you some secret places in Irkutsk, where regular travelers have no access.