Wonders of Small Sea

Small Sea is the name of the straight that separates Olkhon Island from the west shore of lake Baikal. It is one of the most beautiful places with water much warmer than the rest of the lake.

You will visit Ogoy Island with buddhist stupa, and west shore of lake Baikal with walking tour to the holy water springs. Instead of walking you can relax at the shore, take a swim and have great home cooked food in forest cafe.



Vehicle: Big excursion ship
People per ship: up to 100
Duration: from AM 9:30 to PM 5:30
Food: lunch included
Price per person: 1900 RUB
English speaking guide: 3000 RUB (optional)
Difficulty: easy
Starting point: Former fish factory in Khuzhir village (peer where all the ships park)

Payment at the boarding to the ship. Cash only.


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