Baikal-Lena Private Experience

Duration: 1 day / 14 hours
Availability: Saturday and Sunday
Total distance: 750 km (470 miles)
Type of tour: Private (1 person)
Start time: AM 8:00
Finish time: PM 10:00
Difficulty: Easy

Lake Baikal and Lena river in one day. Two destinations that give you a wider understanding of the local area.

Early in the morning, 1-hour drive from Irkutsk, stop for a visit to a Buddhist temple in Buryat settlement.

In 2 more hours, visit ferry to Olkhon island. This is a very crowded place. Take a ride on the ferry to the island, and see one of the most beautiful locations on Lake Baikal: Olkhon Gates straight, which connects two major parts of the lake: Small Sea and the Big Sea.

Lunch in a legendary road restaurant visited by people from all over the world. Eat traditional food of local Buryat people. Farmers and fishermen provide the ingredients.

It is about 3 hours drive across beautiful Siberian land to Kachug settlement. Many have forgotten, that Kachug town was the first tourist destination for people from Irkutsk. First cars in the city offered trips to Kachug because it was the only destination available, basically, it was the only one road for cars.

Kachug is located on river Lena that begins it’s a long way to the Arctic ocean across Yakutia, the biggest region in Russia. This place is the opposite by the atmosphere compared to crowded tourist destinations on Lake Baikal.

Enjoy the views of quiet Siberia, and head back to Irkutsk. 3 hours drive from Kachug to Irkutsk. Stop for dinner or snack and try some more local foods. Beautiful sunset view along the way.



AM 8:00
Meet with guide-driver

AM 8:15
Leave Irkutsk city

AM 8:45
Photo stop (Landscape view)

AM 9:15
Visit Buddhist temple

AM 10:00
Snack stop (road restaurant)

AM 11:30
Photo stop (Baikal view)

PM 12:00
Ferry to Olkhon Island, Sakhurta settlement Optional: ride on the ferry, short hike, quick swim.

PM 1:30
Lunch (road restaurant)

PM 5:00
Kachug settlement Lena river view Kachug downtown

PM 6:00
Leave Kachug

PM 7:30
Dinner (road restaurant)

PM 10:00
Arrive to Irkutsk

Map of the locations


  • Pick up and drop off at traveler’s location
  • Guided by the driver who speaks basic English
  • Car: Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2015
  • Gasoline charge
  • The ferry ride to Olkhon island
  • Bottle of water
  • Private tour

Photos of the car



  • Meals and drinks are not included.

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