Baikal Russian Bandy on Ice Experience

Do you want to see something rare in the world, but popular and favorite for the local Irkutsk people?

The unique experience of getting acquainted with Russian culture. Join a guide to visit an outdoor hockey match. We are going to meet and go to the hockey arena and will enjoy old-style Russian hockey and fan activity around the game. It is called bandy and is played on ice. Gameplay is similar to regular ice hockey.

The match is 90 minutes long totally and is divided into two parts of 45 minutes. Each team consists of 11 skaters.

Irkutsk fans are considered to be the most active among all of Russia and the local team is always top 3 in the Russian league. In 2014 Irkutsk hosted the bandy world cup and it is going to repeat that in 2020.

Winter matches are played on outdoor arenas, so it can be cold outside, the maximum cols is -25 but up to 0 degrees Celsius sometimes, and it is warm inside the fans. More than 2000 people on each match, friendly atmosphere, hot tea, and active cheering is keeping everybody warm.

People on the stadium in Irkutsk

You will need all the warm stuff: warm underwear, hat, scarf, mittens or warm gloves, winter shoes, and be ready to spend outside more than 2 hours, if you want to see who wins.

Book the free tour and note in the comments that you would like to visit bandy match. Here is the link to booking form.

More information

Price of the ticket to a bandy match is 200 RUB per person.

First matches are held on Record stadium, 30 minutes from downtown.
Video from Record:

From the middle of December on Trud stadium in the center of Irkutsk.
Video from Trud: