Tours to Lake Baikal and Irkutsk

Irkutsk Free Tour offers excursions in Irkutsk city and tours to Lake Baikal for individual travelers and private groups.

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Popular Tours

Irkutsk Free Tour

Monument to Emperor Alexander 3

Walk through Irkutsk with friendly local guide who speaks outstanding English. Visit the most important landmarks and learn the most interesting historical facts about Irkutsk. Find out why this small city on the border between Siberian and Asian parts of Russia became the third most popular travel destination after Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

Lake Baikal in 1 Day

Road from Irkutsk to Listvyanka

This is the most popular tour to Lake Baikal. The easiest and the most informative and interactive. Tour starts with going up the Angara river from Irkutsk city to Listvyanka settlement, visiting river dam and open air ethnographic museum on the way. Meet Lake Baikal in the picturesque place where Angara river starts. Mini-hike on the shore of the Lake and lunch in a Georgian place. Try different types of cooked fish from the lake at the street market. Visit the Retro Park and the house of the artists. Great walk in the forest to the hill with stunning panoramic view before returning to Irkutsk.

Lake Baikal in 2 Days

Road from Irkutsk to Arshan

Travel away from beaten tracks and feel the power of Siberian nature. Visit Buryatia, neighboring region to Irkutsk. This place in the valley that connects Lake Baikal area with Mongolia is holy among shamanistic and Buddhist people. Tour leads to Arshan settlement, this name means ‘holy water’. Territory is full of mineral water springs of different quality, both hot and cold.

Lake Baikal in 3 Days

Road from Irkutsk to Olkhon Island

The heart of Lake Baikal, this island changes people for ever in a good way. What you will see is indescribable. The biggest and the only populated island in the middle of the deepest lake in the world. After visiting once, you will want to come back again and again.

I recommend the tour to Olkhon Island, because it will be the best presentation of Lake Baikal in the shortest time.

Mikhail (chief guide)

Self-Guided 3-day Tour to Olkhon Island

Cape Burkhan, Shaman Rock on Olkhon Island.

Travel like a local with no guide and take it easy, because everything is organized and taken care of. The most cost-effective travel solution on the market.