Biggest art on lake Baikal. Welcome to Irkutsk.

Welcome to Baikal

Irkutsk Free Tour gives you an opportunity to see the most important places in the city. The historical center is compact and easy to explore on foot. We share experiences of making freestyle adaptive walking tours. Visit important places, and see more inside things. This is the first and original free walking tour organized by professionals. 

This Winter and Spring

  • The most popular outdoor sports game in Irkutsk
    First, we get inside the stadium building and explore strange things about it.
  • Meet the tiger from the logo of Irkutsk city
    And why the statue of this huge cat is next to the Irish pub. 
  • Colorful orthodox churches
    Why did they decide to put colorful elements and make them look like fairy houses?
  • Walking through the former graveyard
    The nice new park in the central part of Irkutsk actually was the cemetery, it was the end of the city 100 years ago.
  • Visit the local central market
    Time to have some hot coffee or tea with some locally made foods.
  • The history behind the wooden buildings
    Guess what this park was a little more than 100 years ago? At that time this location was the end of the city and now its busy downtown.
  • Ride on electrical trolley or tam
    Return by electric public transportation to the starting point. 15 RUB per person can pay with cash or card in the transport.
  • All the regular stuff is on the way
    All important religious buildings, monuments, squares, buildings, and river bank on the way. Your questions are welcome along with our tour.

Starting location

Center of Irkutsk, the big statue to Vladimir Lenin. Irkutsk Free Tour starts here, it is super easy to reach this place from anywhere.

The place where the free tour starts


Start/end location: In front of Monument to Lenin
Right at the Karl Marx street and Lenin street road cross
Availability: upon request
Start time: AM 10.45
Duration: 2,5 hours
Distance: 5+ kilometers
Language: English
Price: FREE


  • The city’s rich contrasts of old historical and modern buildings.
  • Most important monuments and history behind them.
  • Remarkable historical facts, funny stories, personal experiences.
  • Answers to all questions about getting around.
  • Optional visits to the central market or museums.
  • Introduction to local culture and spirituality.
  • Other travel information about Baikal area.

Irkutsk had always been a part of the global economy, culture, and political life. It started to develop during the industrial revolution.  Standing on the road from China to Russia and Europe it had played the small, but key role in building the Russian Empire. During the Soviet times, Irkutsk became one of the centers of industrial development of the East Siberia and the Far East. And now Irkutsk is standing out in the global travel market, lake Baikal nature sites attract people from all over the globe.

Why Irkutsk Free Tour?

  • The original first free walking tour in Irkutsk city created by best local guides
  • FREE of charge for everyone, based on gratuities for the guide
  • No booking fees
  • No cancellation fees
  • No hidden costs
  • Fluent English speaking and professional guide
  • Lake Baikal travel advice
  • Explore more in less time in any weather
  • Small and medium groups, no big groups
  • Tour upgrades on request
  • Your ideas are welcome! Add booking comments 

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