One day tour to Arshan

It is possible to go to Arshan and return in Irkutsk in one day. The trip takes about 12-14 hours. Yesterday, my brother and his wife took two traverlers to Arshan. Good scenery at Kultuk village, great road to Arshan. Hot summer day.

Lunch in a local cafe started Arshan adventure. Visit to sacred waterfall, stone river and buddhist datsan temple. After exploring Arshan they went to Zhemchug village, where travelers went to take a swim in a hot water pool. Suddenly there was nobody there. Swimming in hot water is more popular in winter ūüôā

Then return back to Irkutsk, with dinner stop in a road cafe with great view on Kultuk village and south spot of Lake Baikal.

Bicycle trip to the top of the hill

Today we went for 1 hour bicycle ride to the top of the hill with spectacular view on Khuzhir vllage on Olkhon Island. Going up the hill is hard, but the reward is great. The funny thing is that the view was covered with thick fog. After hard work up the hill it was a little upsetting. But still, the view was amazing anyway.

Second part of the trip is the best when return downhill back to the village.

We left just when cars with other traverlers started to arrive ūüôā

Olkhon Island morning ride

I went for a morning forest ride today on Olkhon Island. Picked up some pine tree cones for making health potion later. I was happy to see many snowdrops on the way, these flowers appear first in our forests. The weather was great and it is a great opportunity for one to have such a great excercise trip in the morning.

Best wishes to everybody. Welcome to Olkhon Island.

Music of Irkutsk (free music event)

On 19th of May you can visit a free music festival in the very
center of Irkusk. This event will happen on a square
in front of big shopping center in Tourist area
in downtown.
(See map below, shopping center is marked.)

You will see pop, rock and hip-hop artists from Irkutsk
performing. Also they will have a special guest from
Moscow. Band named: Brothers Grimm

Enjoy! We are sure it is going to be fun.


Arshan ‚Äď The Place of Strength and Health

Everyone, who has ever visited this sacred place, is willing to return here again to feel the grandeur and splendor of the mountains, to hear the music of alive waters, to taste healing mineral springs that are most difficult to reach in our planet. Great number of legends were created around them! Here miracles happen and dreams come true. People leave this place reborn. Despair turns into rejoice and delight, sufferings into gratitude to heavens. Sick gets cured and barren ones get the opportunity to have children and continue their family blood line.

Arshan gives health not only to a body but also recovery to a soul. Fresh mountain air, alpine landscapes and fabulous views, ringing silence and fragrance of forest herbs help travelers to get in touch with Eternity, rehabilitate and acquire new strengths. People from all over the planet travel on foot, ride on horses and fly to this wonderful realm full of unique vibrant energy of lost untouched Nature.

Hidden high between gorges and blue waterfalls, it is called as ‚ÄúSmall Tibet‚ÄĚ. ¬†Here the atmosphere is exceptionally friendly and kind. People are careful to each other, always ready to give a helpful hand. You should not utter a single rude word when you are in this holy paradise in the sky.

Keep this place in its absolute purity!


Holy waters of Arshan

Yesterday me and Natasha came back from Arshan, which is 200 Km from Irkutsk city. It is a great trip to the place of great beauty and most fresh air in the world. The nature was welcoming us. It is early spring now, but it was very warm and sunny on Saturday, when we had a great walk around the village and a little bit into the forest.

Arshan is famous for its holy healing waters that flow from underground in countless spots in and around the village. You can take some water for drinking, in some spots you can even take a swim in hot mineral waters.

Lake Baikal in March

Irkutsk city is the gate to lake Baikal. Starting by exploring the city and its surroundings it turns into search of the way to get to the lake, to Listvyanka.

This is a small village 60 kilometers from Irkutsk on the shore of the lake. Cozy, compact and full of places to visit and stay. What is the most important here? Lake Baikal Museum with cool aquarium and great guides. Dog farm where you can get a ride and visit real Russian blacksmith workshop. Local fish and suvenir market and other cool places that can make someone miss the last minibus back to Irkutsk.

After that one just¬†wants to see more and just can’t get enough. So the road leads to more distant but closer to the lake place. Olkhon Island is the biggest and only inhabitant and tiny town of Khuzhir is waiting for travelers all year round.

March is the best time to go to the island across the ice driving a car or minibus. Frozen lake opens a full spectrum of ice roads that can be taken to the places not available in summer.

During few days it is possible to exlore a huge variety of different destinations around Olkhon Island. Fresh air, adventures on ice, great company of fellow travelers, warm welcoming hosts and great fresh local food. Simple, healthy and fun times guaranteed.

Olkhon Island Trip

Visiting Irkutsk can be fun, but it’s even more impressive to take a 3 day tour to Olkhon Island. At first it’s¬†5 hour ride on a minibus, including 2 kilometer drive across ice to reach the island.

Driving on the surface of lake Baikal

After arriving and checking into hotel its nice to ralax and explore surrounding area on foot a little bit, have a dinner. Next morning wake up to have a great walk before ice safari starts.

Beautiful place on Olkhon Island

Weather is usually sunny and you get to see sunlight playing with Baikal ice and landscape. Some people go on foot, but we prefer old style offroad minivans that local ice captains run across snow deserts.

Walking tour across the ice

Old school military minivans
Ice on lake Baikal
Shore of Olkhon Island

Even there was a great outdoor lunch during ice trip, eating dinner will be the top priority. Excited, it is easy to get tired fast. Local steam cooked buns and bakery with various fillings will keep you up and running. The food is simple and mostly natural.

Olkhon island landscape
Send postcard from Baikal
Best suvenir for your family ever

There are plenty of spots to warm up, eat and socialise. There is a post office, few shops, bicycle rental and many guesthouses. Electricity appeared here only in 2005, so the place is still developing. People are very kind and welcoming.


Great Sunny Day

Today it was the first Irkutsk free tour day for two cool German travelers. Actually they have discovered the city center by themselves few days before, so it was necessary to come up with something else. No problem!

We went to have fun in another part of the city, where travelers usually don’t go. Taking an electric trolley bus from downtown we reached a very nice area with access to¬†a great walk on the ice-frozen Angara river and see icebreaker ship that¬†is more than 100 years old.

Also it was a just super great sunny day! Russian-style winter fun activities made everybody super happy.