Lake Baikal in 2 days (Arshan)

Visit the south-west shore of Lake Baikal, Kultuk settlement. Circum-Baikal Railroad and Baikal federal motorway. Story of exploration and development. Slyudyanka town and the treasures of Lake Baikal. Talking about nature and geography. Driving across Tunkinskiy National Park to Arshan settlement.

Arshan means ‘holy water’. It is proven that just even visiting this place improves physical and mental health. Thick forests, various rivers, eye-pleasing mountain tops and the touch of ancient traditions. Empowering place, away from the beaten track, still hidden from the mass tourism.

Recommended for solo explorers and small groups. Private rooms and facilities in a hotel or guesthouse. Different options for local food, the guide will help to eat healthy and tasty.


  • The most western part of Lake Baikal.
  • Sludyanka town. Circum Baikal Railroad.
  • Private collection of minerals.
  • The most western part of the Republic of Buryatiya.
  • Tunkinsky National Park.
  • The Sayan Mountains and The Hamar Daban mountain range.
  • Drink natural mineral water.
  • Eat local Buryat cuisine.
  • Swim in the natural hot water pool.
  • Buddhist holy places and stupas.
  • Feel the freshest healing air.



Starting time: AM 10:00
Start/finish location: Irkutsk city
Duration: 2 days
Type of transport: Car or van
Total distance: 500 km (350 miles)
Guide’s default language: English
Group: 1-15 people
Difficulty: Easy

Start and finish at the traveler’s location anywhere in Irkutsk city.

Map of the route

Road to Arshan (Click to open in Google Maps)


Day 1

AM 9:45
Pick-up from the traveler’s location. Meet the guide.

AM 10:00
Departure from Irkutsk.

AM 12:00
The shore of Lake Baikal. Kultuk settlement. The Circum-Baikal Railway.

PM 1:00
Lunch in Slyudyanka town. Russian cuisine.

PM 2:30
Mineralogical Museum S.V.Zhigalova. We just stop to look at different beautiful stones, small and big. No lectures about minerals, just looking at a great private collection. Interesting story of the family that created this collection.

PM 3:30
Departure from Slyudyanka to the west from Lake Baikal.
Driving through Tunka valley, various interesting stops along the way.

PM 5:30
Arrive in Arshan village. Hotel check-in.

PM 7:00
Dinner. Buryat cuisine.

Optional sauna.

Day 2

AM 9:00

AM 10:00
Checkout and departure from hotel or guesthouse.

AM 10:15
Buddhist temple of Bodhidharma. Speaking about temples that live quietly and remotely.

AM 11:15
Mini hike in the forest along the river. Holy water springs.

PM 12:30
Public open-air hot pool with natural mineral water. Exotic experience.

PM 1:30
Lunch. Buryat cuisine.

PM 2:30
Departure from Arshan.

PM 4:30
Stop at the road cafe with the legendary panoramic view over the southern tip of Lake Baikal.

PM 7:00-7:30
Arrive in Irkutsk. Drop-off at the traveler’s location.

Things to bring

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Rain and wind protection
  • Bathing suit + personal towel
  • Warm clothes


  • English speaking guide
  • Private transportation
  • Accommodation (hotel type room with private facilities)
  • Breakfast on day 2 (included in hotel price)
  • Visit to the private mineralogical collection
  • National Park fees
  • Fuel charge


  • Food and drinks during all tour (avg. lunch 350 RUB PP)
  • Hot pool with mineral water (250 RUB PP)
  • Banya Russian sauna (3000 RUB per group / 2 hours)
  • Gratuity for the guide.


  • All-day hike to the Love Peak near Arshan (from 9000 RUB per group)
  • Extra day in Arshan (2000 RUB PP)


1 person – 19900 rub.
2 people – 11900 rub. / person
3 people – 8900 rub. / person
4 people – 8600 rub. / person
5 people – 7900 rub. / person
6 people – 6900 rub. / person
7 people – 6800 rub. / person
8 people – 6400 rub. / person

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