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  1. This was the best free walking tour of all our travels! Dimitri showed us around not just the most beautiful and interesting places but we discovered some secrets of Irkutsk together. That made it special and we were really happy to get to know a lot of the authentic stuff that is not in the travel guides or on the web.
    Dimitri speaks perfect English and just knows a ton of things about the city itself, history and whatnot. He was very empathic and had a good sense of what we were interested in, he’s just a very good guide. In addition to this we got a lot of useful information that made our stay in Irkutsk so much easier!
    Doing the Irkutsk free walking tour was the best start for us.
    Thanks a lot for this cool experience!

  2. Mary, our guide on the walking tour, was really friendly and knowledgable! She even gave us tips for what to do in Listvyanka and helped us with bookings of our boats ect! Thank you for showing us around Irkutsk, Mary!

  3. We had a great time and got to see many incredible places in Irkutsk. Thank you for an amazing day!

  4. Thanks to this website we can find great walking tour with very interesting person. Good choice!!!

  5. We joined Mikhaïl for the tour of Irkutsk city center . His english was really good and explanations really interesting ! We really like the links who he made between monuments and History. Indeed he answered all of our questions. Thanks you a lot !

  6. We joined Mikhail on a bandy match, which was a great experience! He explained a lot about the sport and the match itself was very interesting to watch. Highly recommend this trip. Thanks for today! We enjoined it a lot.

  7. Dimitriy was my guide in Irkutsk and it was great! He is very knowledgeable about the city and about Russian history in general, he was able to answer all my questions about Russia both past and present. He is also a very nice guy so it’s very pleasant to spend a few hours with him. I mentioned I like sweets so we fit a stop to the local bread factory where we tried amazing sweets and I bought some for my upcoming train ride.
    All in all, I highly recommend Dimitriy as your guide!
    Dimitriy, all the best to you and your wife and may all your plans come true!

  8. A couple of weeks have already passed since I visited Irkutsk, but thanks to Dimitry and Natasha, I was able to know a lot about the place.

    Actually, I booked the free walking tour before I left Japan, but on that day they had a plan to go visit Turgenevka, the village of Belarusian settlement and let me join them! The festival there was interesting. I saw the village of Buryat people as well. On the way to the village, they talked to me a lot about Irkutsk.

    I ‘m looking forward to visiting Irkutsk and seeing them again.

  9. Today I participated in a walking tour of Irkutsk conducted by Dimitry of itkutskfreetour. It was a wonderful experience as Dimitry had a wealth of information about Irkutsk and surrounding regions. His passion for his city and country made me want to come back to this area and explore it further. Very highly recommended!

  10. Today we did a walking tour with Dmitry. There was 7 in the group. Dimitry is very knowledgeable and passionate about his city. He was able to answer all of our questions. The tour was excellent.

  11. Hello,
    I participated in a free tour two days ago. The tour took place, although I was the only registered participant (two others appeared spontaneously), which I found great!
    Although the weather wasn’t good, our guide Mikhail tried to make the best out of it and did a very good job. He told us a lot about the historical background of the city – and how it is connected to the city’s monuments. All that without being boring.
    I can only recommend the tour!
    Thank you very much for the tour!

  12. Our visit to Irkutsk as we completed the trans Siberian crossing- the Mongolian route in July was magnificent. You know you’ve struck gold when you use your guide not once but twice. Dimitry took us on a walking tour a day after we had spent with him in Litzvyanka.
    The walking tour was very informative and yet casual to the point that it felt like we were going on a walk with an old friend.
    Dimitry is extremely knowledgeable of Irkutsk and Litzvyanka. Trying to explore Irkutsk may be possible but you will miss out on the stories and history that Dimitry gently blends into your walk. The pace of the walk is easy and coffee breaks a must which we did to take in even more stories from Dimitry and also to listen to his own story.
    Dimitry is a great guy and extremely helpful and totally punctual.

  13. Dimitry and Natasha’s walking tour was high quality. I was able to see overview of the city. I highly recommend. Well organized, well planned. Any questions will be answered properly. Dimitry and Natasha are open-minded. Not only about the city, you can talk about anything happening in life during the tour. Thank you so much for the tour!!

  14. Thanks to our guide Natasha, who was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. The route of the tour was well planned, we were able to understand the history and background behind every landmarks and building we pass by. Natasha was also very helpful in suggesting us local restaurant and other informations we asked about the city. Overall, it is very worth it! Highly recommend for everyone !

  15. Very nice moment in the center of Irkoutsk. Natalia showed us the main places of the historical city, gave explanations and told many interesting little anecdots. But she also told about the today life of people from Irkoutsk and Russian in general. We drank a delicious kvas together. I recommanded !
    (In french)
    Très bon moment dans le centre d’Irkoutsk. Natalia nous a montré les lieux principaux de la ville historique, donné des explications et raconté beaucoup de petites anecdotes très intéressantes. Mais elle nous a aussi parlé de la vie actuelle des gens d’Irkoutsk et des Russes en général. Nous avons bu ensemble un délicieux kvas. Je recommande !

    Thank you again and good luck for this very nice activity !

    1. Very nice tour in lovely Irkutsk! It was a good start for our vacation and it helped us understanding Siberian culture and the history of this region.

      Thank you very much!

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