Arshan Holy Waters

Arshan is a small town, south from Irkutsk. The road to Arshan goes through Kultuk town, the most south part of lake Baikal. Remains of Circum Baikal railroad go from here to Baikal village by the very shore of the lake. From Kultuk we turn right and using the road that leads to Western Mongolia we reach Arshan village in the foundation of Sayan Mountains. Only 150 kilometers is left to reach Russian-Mongolian border, which is so tiny in terms of Russia.

Kultuk town

Arshan is a place in Buryatiya Republic, it is another region next to Irkutsk region. Local people are called Buryat People. Buryats are relatives to Mongolian people, but they have their own language, customs and way of life. Abundance of rivers, lakes and forests made these people different from the nomads of Mongolian steppe. Also here is the north territories of Tibetan Buddhism culture. Local faith is based on the teachings and wisdom of Buiddha also mixed with local shamanism. Russian population in majority refer to Christian religion. Russian Orthodox tradition is dominating with magnificent churches and rich temples.

Arriving to Arshan

On arrival to Arshan we usually have lunch in local Buryat cafe. The meals are very simple, but fresh and well cooked. Food in general is mild and not spicy, but hot and soy sauce usually present on the table. Simple lamb soup with little bits of vegetables. ‘Pozy’ which look like big dumplings with mix of pork and beef meat inside are steam cooked and are eaten with hands. Also different kind of pastry with meat or other stuffings. Regular salads can be easily found anywhere. Also side dishes like potato, pasta or rice. Berry juice with water and sugar is very popular, also tea, coffee, beer…

Kyngarga river waterfall

After lunch, we head to visit holy waters of Kyngarga river with mineral springs all over the place. Roaring river with high rocks and forest on the both shores. There is also a nice trekking opportunity to go and see the waterfals up in the mountain. 2 kilometers total there and back. It is a great walk after a long ride in a car.

Then our road leads to buddhist temple of Bodhidharma. Very beautiful location, calm and peaceful place. Small shop with Buddhist suvenirs and ritual items. It is possible to meet Lamas — locals who take care of the temple, some of them are from Mongolia and Tibet.

The next big thing on this trip is to swim in hot mineral water pool. Zhemchug village is the location near Arshan where Hot water baths were build in Soviet Union times and now it is a popular place for local people and travelers from all over the world to go and experience a hot mineral water bath. The water is not extremetly hot. It is recommended to take a bath there not more that 15 minutes. There are no public showers  at the spot. Everything is organized in a very poor manner, but it is managable and actually is a lot of fun. Entrance fee is 250 RUB per person. It is possible to take a swim in any time of the year. Swimming in winter is much better: less people and more exciting. After swimming you will feel like you went to a sauna. It is a very relaxing effect.

There is more to explore

There is a Space observation facility, beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes and vast endless valley which leads to Mongolia. Spots with mind blowing panoramic views. Wild nature with rich healthy air. Street market with local and Mongolian goods.

Recommended time span is 2 days total and 1 night in Arshan. But it is possible to go there and back in one day. The tour is available all year on any day.

This price includes acommodation in a local guesthouse with shared facilities. More comfortable accommodation in a hotel or guesthouse with private facilities is also possible to organize with our partners.