Irkutsk Central Market


This is a guided visit at the central market of Irkutsk. Experience of local culture. The guide will be Irkutian who has been the customer of the central market for many years.

Wide variety of products directly from local farmers and big brands. Everybody will find a favorite product here. This place also has an interesting history.

Irkutsk central market area has an outdoor area, and it works even in cold Siberian winter.

The guide will introduce you to local food and gastronomic habits of people from Irkutsk city. Have a taste of Siberian treats.


Type of experience: Guided activity
Options: Private or join a group
Standard start time: PM 2:00
Duration: 2-3 hours
Starting location: Monument to Babr (The 130th district)
Difficulty: Easy

On request:
Pick up and drop off from traveler’s location
Vegetarian and vegan food
Change of start time


PM 2:00
Meet the guide at the starting point.
Monument to Babr (130th District, Irkutsk city downtown)

PM 2:15
Take a tram to the central market, 3 stops

PM 2:30
Visit the main building of the central market.
Explore sections and shops.
See the specials and get involved in local shopping culture.
Try special East-Siberian foods.
Visit the street part of the market.

PM 3:30
The history behind the buildings around the central market area.

PM 4:00
Finish. Optional drop-off.


Local English speaking guide
A taste of Siberian foods *
A traditional soft drink *
Tram tickets

* Taste: Fish from Lake Baikal, local style pastry, sweets or something of your interest, big choice.
Drink: Mors, black tea with milk, kompot, and other soft drinks to choose from.


Pick up and drop off at a traveler’s location
Meals and drinks on top of what is included

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