Evening Irkutsk Free Tour

Good news, everyone. Now we have additional time for Irkutsk Free Tour. You can book the tour or join one that starts at PM 6:00 Explore the city during the end of the day. It is a rush hour in Irkutsk and it gets quiet on the streets after 2 hours. Enjoy an interesting walk through the city with a local guide following morning Irkutsk Free Tour itinerary with a little change. Book now online.

Frozen Lake Baikal 2019 Photos

Small collection of photos, taken during the winter season on Lake Baikal, that can give a quick peek on what we are talking about here.

Why we love winter more than summer in Siberia? Life starts in Siberia when winter comes every year, it opens opportunities that summer cannot provide. Ice roads, fresh air, spirit of true adventure. Historiacally hard and terrible, and nowadays easy and fun.


This is a shared google album with 455 Photos inside

Music of Irkutsk (free music event)

On 19th of May you can visit a free music festival in the very
center of Irkusk. This event will happen on a square
in front of big shopping center in Tourist area
in downtown.
(See map below, shopping center is marked.)

You will see pop, rock and hip-hop artists from Irkutsk
performing. Also they will have a special guest from
Moscow. Band named: Brothers Grimm

Enjoy! We are sure it is going to be fun.