Ethnographic Olkhon

The car picks you up at your place and takes you to cape Burkhan first. Burkhan in local Buryat people language means “shaman lady”. This place is sacred and holy.

  1. A short lecture about shamanism, local traditions, and rituals.
  2. Stop at the mountain with a great view on Shaman rock and the whole village.
  3. Visit Buryat people village. Discover housing, costumes, traditions, lifestyle.
  4. Traditional Buryat lunch. Buhler — soup, buuz — big meat dumplings, and local style pastry, tea with milk.
  5. One hour horseback ride along the shore of Lake Baikal.
  6. Visit a small lake Yelga, separated from Lake Baikal by sand line.
  7. Visit Shaman steppe where the Single Birch Tree is growing and discover the legends and symbolism behind that.
  8. Return to Khuzhir village to your place of stay.

Vehicle: Off-road SUV / minivan
People per group: up to 3
Duration: from AM 10:00 to PM 6:00
Food: traditional local lunch
Difficulty: medium