Moscow After Dark

Free walking tour in the downtown of Moscow city. After the sun sets, Moscow reveals its real beauty and charm. Experience quiet and cozy streets with magnificent buildings highlighted by amazing architectural lights.

Alternative and deep way to look at Moscow city life. Find out about the significance of Kremlin, life inside and outside of it. How life was organized and what lead to such success and importance.

Find out about many famous local figures and begin to understand the mystery of Russian Soul.

Starting location


Start/end location: Monument to the Heroes of RSKR
Availability: upon request
Start time: PM 9.45
Duration: 2 hours
Distance: <5 kilometers
Language: English
Price: FREE


PM 9:45
Meet the guide. Introduction. Maroseyskaya street Church of St. Equal-to-the-Apostles Prince Vladimir Quet streets of Khohlovsky and Kolpachny Church of the Holy Trinity PM

Pokrovsky Gates Monument to Chernishevsky Chistye Prudy Sovremennik Theater

PM 11:45
Finish at the start location


  • The city’s rich contrasts of old historical and modern buildings.
  • Most important monuments and history behind them.
  • Remarkable historical facts, funny stories, personal experiences.
  • Answers to all questions about getting around.
  • Introduction to local culture and spirituality.
  • Other travel information about Moscow area.
  • Eye-pleasing architecture lights.
  • Quiet and calm Moscow.

Why Moscow After Dark Tour?

  • The first free after dark walking tour in Moscow city
  • FREE of charge for everyone, based on gratuities for the guide
  • English speaking guides
  • Explore more in less time in any weather
  • Small and medium groups, no big groups
  • Tour upgrades on request
  • Your ideas are welcome! Add booking comments
  • No booking fees
  • No cancellation fees
  • No hidden costs

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