Lake Baikal in 1 day (Listvyanka)

One day trip to Lake Baikal from Irkutsk. Find out many interesting facts about Irkutsk and Lake Baikal. Exploration of Siberian nature, roads, settlements and infrastructure elements. How land and people have changed over time and how this change is affecting the Lake. Follow the road from Irkutsk up to the mouth of the Angara river. This is a demonstration of the most accessible part of Lake Baikal, it is great to start your exploration of the Sacred Sea using this tour. Insights from the guide will help to understand everything better.


  • The cleanest river in Russia.
  • Irkutsk Hydroelectric Power Station and Angara icebreaker.
  • Open-air museum of wooden houses.
  • Walk along the shore of Lake Baikal.
  • Try local fish at the street market. 
  • Russian people vacation locations. 
  • Retro park and artists’ home.
  • Amazing nature views. 
  • Extra activities.



Starting time: AM 10:00
Start location: Irkutsk city or Listvyanka
Standard duration: 8 hours
Type of transport: Car or van
Total distance: 160 km (100 miles)
Language: English
Difficulty: Easy

Starting and finishing at the traveler’s location anywhere in Irkutsk city or Listvyanka settlement.

Map of the route


AM 9:45
Pick up from the traveler’s location. Meet the guide.

AM 10:00
Leaving Irkutsk city by Baikal Highway,
stop at Angara icebreaker in Irkutsk,
drive 70 km to Listyanka village.

AM 11:00
Open-air wooden architecture museum,
ethnographical expositions,
Angara river shore.

AM 12:00
Shaman stone and the legend behind it,
Angara river mouth.
Lake Baikal.

PM 1:00
Mini-hike along the shore of Lake Baikal

PM 2:00

PM 3:00
Standard activities:
Explore the village, street market,
Lake Baikal embankment.

Exclusive activities: see below

PM 4:30
Chersky stone.
Great panoramic view from the hill.
Use the ski lift or walking trail.

PM 6:00-7:00
Finish in Irkutsk or Listvyanka.
The drop-off in the requested location.

Things to bring

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Extra clothes (cold and wind protection)
  • Sunglasses
  • Water


  • English speaking guide/driver
  • Entrance ticket to the open-air wooden architecture museum Taltsy
  • Entrance ticket to Retro Park museum
  • Try the taste of Lake Baikal fish on the street market
  • Pick up and drop off at traveler’s location in Listvyanka or Irkutsk
  • Fuel charge


  • Lunch ( avg. 450 RUB)
  • Ski lift (250 RUB one way up, 400 RUB both up and down, there is a good 1 km trail to the top, it takes about the same time as ski lift)
  • Gratuity for the guide.

Prices per person.

Extras (Optional)

  • Ship ride (750 RUB only in summer)
  • Horse riding with a picnic in the forest (7000 RUB)
  • Russian outdoor picnic (1000 RUB)
  • Scuba dive in Baikal in drysuit (5400 RUB)
  • Speed boat ride (500 RUB only in summer)
  • Hovercraft ride (750RUB only in winter)
  • Dog sledding (1800 RUB only in winter)
  • Dog farm excursion (350 RUB)
  • Horse riding (3000 RUB)

Prices per person.

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