Art of Buryatiya

Biggest population of local people’s name is Buryat. Their culture is unique and full of history and siberian character, different from everybody else, yet in some ways similar to the neighbors. Art is also unique and special. Experience local character in various styles of art.

Collection will present you with history of art. Also it will be possible to learn about modern Buryatiya artists and see their work. Irkutsk city also plays a great role in local people’s art.

Start: 23 August 2018
Finish: 7 October 2018
Location: Siberian Art Museum
Address: Karl Marx street, 23
Price: 150 RUB
Everyday: AM 10:00 — PM 6:00
Thursday: AM 12:00 — PM 6:00
Closed on Monday

Also, if not in a hurry take a look at the best collection of art in Siberian Art Museum. It is totally worth of seing. Russian iconography is a special. There you may not see many staff speak great English, but you can get around easily and they are used to see travelers, who you might meet there as well.

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