Great Sunny Day

Today it was the first Irkutsk free tour day for two cool German travelers. Actually they have discovered the city center by themselves few days before, so it was necessary to come up with something else. No problem!

We went to have fun in another part of the city, where travelers usually don’t go. Taking an electric trolley bus from downtown we reached a very nice area with access to a great walk on the ice-frozen Angara river and see icebreaker ship that is more than 100 years old.

Also it was a just super great sunny day! Russian-style winter fun activities made everybody super happy.


One thought on “Great Sunny Day”

  1. What can I say about this great adventure day: it just was perfect! I found the mail address of Dimitriy on the Internet when I looked up for some free walking tour in Irkutsk. He was very interested to show us around the city (also very spontanius). As we did the main sights by ourselves we ask him to show us some hidden places which you don’t usually find as a tourist without some local advice. He and his girlfriend took us outside the center to the riverside and the most amazing “Icy playground” with great slides (I could have stayed there the hole day, to be honest 😛 ). He also gave us the information how the find public Banya in Irkutsk- you really should check out “banya Nr.10” if you want to experience real Russian culture 🙂
    Just ask Dimitriy will give you all the advice you need to have a amazing time in Irkutsk (he also knows a lot about other cities in Russia as well). Thank you a lot! 🙂

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