Siberian Winter Hiking

From Irkutsk there are several opportunities to go hiking. One of the most popular way is to take a train south direction and find oneself on Olkhinskoye plateau, it is mountanous area in the southwest shore of lake Baikal.

During several hour walking it is possible to visit several beautiful locations and enjoy fresh air and quietness of the forest. It is fresh and clean when everything starts to be covered with snow. Siberian Winter Hiking has its own interesting characteristics. Also keep in mind, that you have to dress smart.

Picnic lunch near the fire and great stories create a friendly atmosphere.

Totally the trip can take about 7-8 hours with departure and return at the trainstation in Irkutsk.

Nature is preperaring for winter sleep. Animals try to make last preparations before the cold season starts.

The landscape is almost always flat, until you clim up a little hill where you see that there are many flat mountains covered with thick forest and river valleys between them.