One day tour to Arshan

It is possible to go to Arshan and return in Irkutsk in one day. The trip takes about 12-14 hours. Yesterday, my brother and his wife took two traverlers to Arshan. Good scenery at Kultuk village, great road to Arshan. Hot summer day.

Lunch in a local cafe started Arshan adventure. Visit to sacred waterfall, stone river and buddhist datsan temple. After exploring Arshan they went to Zhemchug village, where travelers went to take a swim in a hot water pool. Suddenly there was nobody there. Swimming in hot water is more popular in winter 🙂

Then return back to Irkutsk, with dinner stop in a road cafe with great view on Kultuk village and south spot of Lake Baikal.

4 thoughts on “One day tour to Arshan”

  1. It isa wonderful trip!
    I am interested in this trip?
    May I know how much is the trip?
    Thank you very much!

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