We love bicycles

We love to go for a ride on Olkhon Island. The day was not sunny and not hot. Very nice for a day trip to the next small village Kharantsy from where there is a trail to the forest with nice clean water spring. It is very green in the forest and air is fullfilling you with powers of nature. You just can’t stop. But it is time to go home, we return and have great local traditional lunch in a village cafe. Dogs dictate us to go to have a nap after a great lunch.

Come visit us and we will show you something like that. With pleasure.

Bicycle trip to the top of the hill

Today we went for 1 hour bicycle ride to the top of the hill with spectacular view on Khuzhir vllage on Olkhon Island. Going up the hill is hard, but the reward is great. The funny thing is that the view was covered with thick fog. After hard work up the hill it was a little upsetting. But still, the view was amazing anyway.

Second part of the trip is the best when return downhill back to the village.

We left just when cars with other traverlers started to arrive 🙂

Olkhon Island morning ride

I went for a morning forest ride today on Olkhon Island. Picked up some pine tree cones for making health potion later. I was happy to see many snowdrops on the way, these flowers appear first in our forests. The weather was great and it is a great opportunity for one to have such a great excercise trip in the morning.

Best wishes to everybody. Welcome to Olkhon Island.