Downtown Fishing in Irkutsk

Would you like to go fishing in the evening? Right in the center of the city!

Yes, here is the fish we cought in Angara river in the very center of Irkutsk. A medium pike. It was a very nice evening, lots of fishermen on the shore, people having barbecue and relaxing.


Buildings of new Irkutsk.


Street art in Irkutsk


Discovering the small islands of Angara river in downtown of Irkutsk


A car and two fishing rods


Picking bait.

We love bicycles

We love to go for a ride on Olkhon Island. The day was not sunny and not hot. Very nice for a day trip to the next small village Kharantsy from where there is a trail to the forest with nice clean water spring. It is very green in the forest and air is fullfilling you with powers of nature. You just can’t stop. But it is time to go home, we return and have great local traditional lunch in a village cafe. Dogs dictate us to go to have a nap after a great lunch.

Come visit us and we will show you something like that. With pleasure.